Impacts of habitat destruction on environment

With the occurrence of giant forest fires and deregulation of the climate in the world, our environment is more than ever vulnerable. To explain the causes of such natural disasters, ecologists and experts are pointing the finger on habitat destruction. Scientists even warned that actions of human beings on nature could endanger their survival. One could wonder how it could be possible. To understand that, I present some consequences of habitat destruction. A threat to biodiversity When a natural habitat is destroyed, whatever the cause, the first and direct consequence that it could have is a reduction in biodiversity. When species of animals lose their natural habitat, they are simply risking a serious decline in their population number, and worse a total extinction. More than humans, animals are over reliant on nature, and if that nature could not provide all their needs, then, they face extinction. Climate regulation When biodiversity of an environment is affected, it results in cl... See more

Understand everything about natural habitat

Many organizations fighting for the environment and animal rights are warning about the actions of humans on the natural habitat of animals. For them, human deeds are the reason for the extinction of many species of animals and the endangerment of many others. Talking about the natural habitat of animals, we could easily understand that it’s their place of living. But what actually does this term encompass? Conceptual definition of habitat Habitat could be defined as the natural environment of an organism. That environment should present all the conditions, whether biotic or physical needed by the organism to survive and sustain. It means not only a good temperature, light intensity, presence of food but also absence of predators and good condition for reproduction. Main components of a habitat As you can see in the definition, many elements are combined to provide a viable habitat. We could encompass them into four components. Food and water Food and water are obviously the first comp... See more

Types of habitats

Every organism, to survive and reproduce, needs to be in a proper environment. However, men, animals, insects are living in different areas, with completely different characteristics. This physics and biotic differences that we could notice from a habitat to another could help to classify them. In fact, we can classify habitat into 3 different types. Read this article to learn more about those three types. Territorial habitats Territorial habitat also referred to as land habitat is the first of the two main types of habitats. This broad biome includes more specific habitats with varying characteristics. As few examples of the territorial habitat, we could cite forests, grasslands, mountains, deserts and tundra. Forests represent one third of the planet and engross the largest biodiversity. Grasslands habitat is also a habitat where we could meet a large species of animals and plants. The abundance of species in grassland and forest habitat is due to the moderate temperature and climate... See more

How to reduce habitat loss?

The alarm sounded by environmental experts and ecologists has raised the awareness of the public about the danger of habitat destruction. People are conscious now that their actions in the environment could have bad repercussions on biodiversity and could jeopardize their own existence. Organizations acting for protection of the environment are now calling for actions to reduce habitat destruction. Here are some ways to succeed on that project. Preserve natural resources Whether we like it or not, we cannot forgo the use of natural resources to satisfy our needs. All our food and most of the goods and products that we are using on a daily basis are coming from nature. We can’t do otherwise. However, what we can do is to practice a responsible and efficient use of natural resources. It means that we should stop overexploitation. By doing that, we allow nature to replace what we just remove. To succeed in that project, laws and regulations could be of great use. Restore and rebuild habit... See more

Main causes of habitat loss

Every single year, we are witnessing powerlessness in the extension of many species of plants and animals. According to experts this extension is highly the cause of habitat loss and disturbance. As the question is alarming, we should do all our possible to reverse the trend, to avoid jeopardizing our own existence. For that, we need to answer the sore question; what causes habitat loss? This article will answer that question. Human contribution Human deeds have also severe repercussions of this level. The destruction of the natural habitat of animals by humans could be direct. The direct causes consist of the removal of the habitat, and its consequences could be irreversible. For agricultural, industrial or for development purposes, thousands of square kilometers of woodlands are destroyed. The greatest example to illustrate this is the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by the humans. As a result, the ecosystem of that forest, described as the lung of the planet is simply in jeopar... See more