Impacts of habitat destruction on environment

With the occurrence of giant forest fires and deregulation of the climate in the world, our environment is more than ever vulnerable. To explain the causes of such natural disasters, ecologists and experts are pointing the finger on habitat destruction. Scientists even warned that actions of human beings on nature could endanger their survival. One could wonder how it could be possible. To understand that, I present some consequences of habitat destruction.

A threat to biodiversity

When a natural habitat is destroyed, whatever the cause, the first and direct consequence that it could have is a reduction in biodiversity. When species of animals lose their natural habitat, they are simply risking a serious decline in their population number, and worse a total extinction. More than humans, animals are over reliant on nature, and if that nature could not provide all their needs, then, they face extinction.

Climate regulation

When biodiversity of an environment is affected, it results in climate change. In fact the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced by forests. If the ecosystem is abundant, the greenhouse effect is reduced. It means that the cutting down of wood in a large scale will simply reduce the capacity of absorption of greenhouse gas. As a result, global temperature will continue to rise, and the seasonal life cycle will be disturbed.

Pollination and seed dispersal

Plants and animals are reliant on the environment. In fact, some plants depend on pollination and seed dispersal for reproduction. This role of pollination and dispersion is played by animals. So, when biodiversity is threatened, plants and fruits that depend on animals for seed dispersal or pollination are also affected. Harvesting would drop and humans would feel it in their diet.

Pests and diseases control

Parasites and diseases are amongst the effects of habitat destruction. The shifting of ecosystems resulting by natural habitat destruction supports the spread of pathogens. As the natural enemies are eliminated from the environment, parasites could attack plants, animals and even humans.