The Redbud Way

     BUILDER/GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Redbud Homes is a one stop professional builder that can handle every aspect of the building your modular home in Indiana. The process can include everything from obtaining building permits, foundations, wells, septic systems, driveways, garages, porches and gutters. Redbud Homes takes pride in SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and will build you a quality new home and then stand behind their work and that of the subcontractors. In-house warranty service that incorporates drywall repair will be provided at no additional cost to the customer. Redbud Homes is RESPONSIBLE for seeing that the project is completed on time and on budget as well as customer satisfaction. If any problems develop, Redbud Homes will solve them. Most banks require this type of arrangement because experience tells them that the customer is not a builder/general contractor and will not be able to get these items completed properly and in a timely manner.

Building a new modular home does not have to be a difficult process, you just need the experience and expertise of Redbud Homes to be your new home builder. You owe it to yourself to ASK WHAT IS INCLUDED and WHAT IS NOT! NEVER assume anything when you are considering something as major as the purchase of a new home. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Redbud Homes takes great pride in making sure everything gets checked off your list of requirements in building your new home.  We walk you through each step, being sure that every question you have is answered accurately.  Take a look at the steps involved in building a complete modular home the right way. The Redbud way.

     1.  Visit one of our two model home centers. Located in Anderson and Marion, either locale strives to provide insightful and honest help in getting you on the way to modular home ownership right here in Indiana.

     2.  Select the floor plan that best fits you wants and needs. Take a look at the many floor plans Redbud has to offer.  Whether you are starting a new home for a new family, or growing as a family, Redbud Homes has the modular home in the your size to accommodate everyone in the family.

     3.  Receive a free price quote for your new home with the options and upgrades that you want in your new home. The price Redbud quotes is all inclusive of the details other modular home builders forget.  We go the extra mile to make sure you understand you are getting everything your new home needs to start on the right foot.  See our Price Includes page!

     4.  Schedule a site visit to stake out the new home. Watching your home take shape starts with you staking out your new home site. We want you to be happy with your location and layout, so before any nails are set to wood, you walk the property with a Redbud agent and give the go-ahead.

     5.  Secure financing for your new home. Redbud Homes is will assist in securing financing to get you on your way.

     6.  Let Redbud assist you in obtaining your building permit. We will also help in obtaining any and all permits needed for your new home.  With more than 35 years in the home building business, Redbud Homes can handle getting any permit for any location.

     7.  Review the blue prints and options – final sign off for ordering your new home.  Take the time to go over all the details and see the final layout of your home.  Then, when you are ready, take that incredibly important step in becoming a new home owner.  Give Redbud Homes the opportunity to turn your dream into reality, and start building! 

     8.  While the home is being built inside a climate controlled environment Redbud will put the foundation in and get the site ready for the delivery of your new home.  Any time of year, our modular homes can be built in a secure, temperature controlled environment.  This allows for better quality control for you and overall safety of our workers.  The foundation is poured, leveled, and set.  Ready for the final steps of your construction.

     9.  The home will be delivered and constructed at the job site.  It goes up like any other site built house, but much faster.  One of the many benefits of modular home building.  It comes together far more quickly when all the pieces fit the first time.

    10.  Redbud will hook up the utilities and complete all the finish trim work along with completing any additional construction such as garages, porches or decks.  All of the final details are taken care of by Redbud.  Before you even set foot inside, we want it to be flawless.  So when you come in for your final walk through, all you need to be thinking about is where to park the moving truck.

     11.  Complete the walk through and move into your new home. Your new home is ready, and so are you.  Let Redbud Homes be your choice and you will find out how much we care about building you the home you deserve.  Call today and have a talk with us about your future in beautiful Indiana.