conditioned crawl space redbud homes

Conditioned Crawl Space Foundation on Every Redbud Home

All of the modular homes we sell comes complete with a 32” conditioned crawl space foundation. Including vapor barrier, spray foam sidewalls and treated seal plate.
A conditioned crawl space is part of the home, finally leaving the outside out and taking the final steps beyond the other options to create a healthy comfortable home. The new clean, insulated and conditioned crawl space will make the floors in the home warmer in the winter and eliminate foul smells in the warmer months. The ductwork in the crawl space will no longer be exposed to the dramatic temperature changes that it once was in the open crawl space. This improvement alone will shorten the heating cycle of the furnace and warm your home faster. In the summer the home can take advantage if the free cool air that is in the crawl space to take a load off the air conditioner.

Conditioned Crawl Space Improves Air Circulation

When the crawl space is cleaned up and finished, your home will not be subject to the contaminated air that once seeped into your home. By circulating the air on all levels of the home the wood structure will be protected as if it were in a basement. There will no longer be an incubator under the floor to aggravate allergies or asthma.

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