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Genuine Modular Homes

Many people, when they hear the term “modular home,” automatically think “manufactured home” or “on-frame modular home.” A “Genuine Modular” home is neither. Genuine modular homes have all of the characteristics of stick-built homes and must pass the same state code requirements as stick-built homes built in that state.

Genuine modular homes have more flexibility as compared to on-frame modular homes. The difference is: Genuine modular homes don’t have a steel undercarriage supporting the floor system like on-frame modular homes or HUD-code manufactured homes. Genuine modular homes are stick-built homes constructed in a controlled environment and transported to the job site 90% to 95% completed.

Genuine modular homes, or sometimes referred to as “system-built” homes, are built using an engineered approach to produce structures in a more efficient and cost effective method. Instead of the old-fashioned construction method of “stick-built,” most of the work is pre-fabricated at an off-site climate controlled factory. As each sub-section or modular unit is finished it is transported to the building site on a flatbed truck with no steel undercarriage supporting the floor system. Once on site each modular unit is constructed together using the same methods that stick-built homes use.

A Genuine modular home can be built from existing plans or from custom plans generated by an architect. Modular home producers use computer generated plans to meet all national, state, and local building standards.

Framing for a modular home is the same as a traditional home except that Genuine modular homes use 20 to 30 percent more material to guarantee a safe trip to the site. Basically a Genuine modular home is over engineered to withstand the transportation process. This is also true for on-frame modular homes and to a lesser degree HUD-code homes. Genuine modular homes are built in a climate-controlled environment using the same high quality materials used in traditionally built homes.

Faster Build Time with Modular Construction & Reduced Building Time

We have all heard the saying “time is money”. And we all understand this to be true. Because modular homes are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site-built home, with careful planning you can often be in your new home within weeks of selecting it. This is because overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work and home construction. (This also allows for reduced interest on construction loans). In addition, a manufacturer’s highly skilled work force has years of experience in the building industry and works year round within the factory. This means that there are no delays from “no-show subs” as may often be the case with a site-built home.

Genuine Modular Homes are Better Quality Construction

Because modular homes are built in factories, manufacturers are able to utilize tools unavailable to the site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb. In addition, interior walls are lag-bolted to the exterior walls and bracing and insulation are installed on all electrical outlet boxes. Finally, straps brace the wall to the floor.

Modular Housing: Inspection & Regulation

Before a modular home manufacturer begins construction, all building plans must be reviewed and approved in each state where the manufacturer intends to sell homes. Homes must be designed and built to the code for the state where the home will be shipped for final location. The manufacturers contract with state approved third party plan review agencies which conduct plan review on behalf of the state. The modular manufacturer also contracts with a third party inspection agency that is licensed by the states to perform the in-plant inspection while the home is in production. When the housing sections or modules are complete, the third party places a label on the home certifying that the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with all provisions of the building code.

Stringent Building Codes

Modular homes are built to the same building codes used by conventional site-builders. As noted above, an independent inspector will certify that the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with all building code provisions for the location where the home will be erected.

Modular Homes Are Energy Efficient And Resource Conscious

genuine modular homesIn a typical 2,000 square foot site-built home there are 8,000 pounds of waste that end up in a landfill. Building custom modular homes in a factory setting greatly reduces waste because materials and resources are recycled and reused. Materials are not used on only one project, additional lumber and supplies can be saved and reused in the next modular home.

The modular home itself is also more energy efficient. The attention to detail and strength reduces gaps and drafts that can occur; drywall panels are nailed and glued during the build. The increase in quality construction of a modular home transfers into heating and cooling savings for the homeowner. Many times modular homes can require a smaller furnace or air-conditioning unit than a comparable site built home.

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Conditioned Crawl Space Foundation on Every Redbud Home

All of the modular homes we sell comes complete with a 32” conditioned crawl space foundation. Including vapor barrier, spray foam sidewalls and treated seal plate.
A conditioned crawl space is part of the home, finally leaving the outside out and taking the final steps beyond the other options to create a healthy comfortable home. The new clean, insulated and conditioned crawl space will make the floors in the home warmer in the winter and eliminate foul smells in the warmer months. The ductwork in the crawl space will no longer be exposed to the dramatic temperature changes that it once was in the open crawl space. This improvement alone will shorten the heating cycle of the furnace and warm your home faster. In the summer the home can take advantage if the free cool air that is in the crawl space to take a load off the air conditioner.

Conditioned Crawl Space Improves Air Circulation

When the crawl space is cleaned up and finished, your home will not be subject to the contaminated air that once seeped into your home. By circulating the air on all levels of the home the wood structure will be protected as if it were in a basement. There will no longer be an incubator under the floor to aggravate allergies or asthma.

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Welcome to Our Indiana Custom Modular Builder Blog

For 40 years Redbud Homes has been the premier Indiana Custom Modular Builder.

All of our State Code Modular homes are constructed to the Indiana One and Two Family building code, the same one that all custom homes are built too, using the same materials but with improved building methods. After 40 years in business we have developed the highest standards in the services we provide to each of our customers. Redbud Homes is a true General Contractor in every sense of the word. All of our new homes are priced constructed on your lot including a 32” Conditioned Crawlspace Foundation, all utility connections at the home are included as well, these include plumbing under the home, 200 AMP electric meter base, and gas piping if required. Seamless gutters and downspouts are also a standard part of our homes. As your General Contractor we can assist you with everything from financing, to building permits, along with all site development such as wells, septic systems and driveways. If you need a Custom designed porch or deck, or perhaps an oversized garage we can design and build those for you as well. Just let us know what you wants and needs are and we will go to work to make your dreams come true for you.


YES we have them on each of our model homes. Just click here to see each of our beautiful models. While touring our web site if you don’t see the perfect floor plan that works for you and your family just let one of our professional sales staff know and we will show you how we can custom design a home for you that will. Please scroll through our web site to see many different exterior elevations and finishes that you can pick from to have your home truly be an extension of you and your tastes.